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About Brett

Meet Brett Champan

Brett Champan was born and raised in north-central Wisconsin, where he developed a passion for books and the outdoors early on. Already as a grade-schooler, he knew he wanted to write. He remembers walking to a bookshelf in his small classroom, picking up a novel and saying to himself, “One day, I’m going to write one of these.”

After earning a degree in accounting from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Brett moved to Chicago, where he began working professionally and became active with a life-giving church that stretches throughout the city. The city’s people, contagious energy, and fast pace easily grew on him. But even amidst the bustle, he had not forgotten his desire to write, and in 2009, he published his first novel, Rearview Sunset.

In addition to writing, Brett enjoys fishing, hunting, and spending time with friends around the fire. He also has a passion for teaching and helping people grow spiritually. He splits his time between Chicago and the Northwoods, and his dog Cruzer is usually close by his side.




Ride With Me — A Novel

Earl Timmings is a hardworking young man graced with deep character and a zeal for life—and fishing. But nothing would be the same for him after stepping into the old country store one spring afternoon and meeting Ruth, a beautiful girl from Iowa who would steal his heart. Weeks later, when Ruth returns to the small town for good, a sweet summer romance begins. But when their relationship blossoms into something more, World War II threatens to cut it short. As Earl ships out for the Pacific front, they will soon discover that few things ever stay the same.

Join Earl and Ruth as they ride together through the storms of war, life, and love.

Fiction, May 2016, 236 pages soft-cover, $14.00 ISBN: 978-0-9883321-2-6

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Rearview Sunset — A Novel

Life is more than just a feather in the wind… Young Beau Jamison is backed into a corner due to some poor choices in life. Desperate to find a better way, he is thrust into a winding journey that leads him through the Midwest and beyond to an unexpected collision with faith and death that changes everything. Along the way he is influenced by a host of people and places, including a wise old friend nearing the end of his days, a beautiful, spirited young woman who captures his heart, and the soft, quiet whisper of the great outdoors. Rearview Sunset is an exciting tale of destiny, miracles, and many second chances that will engage your mind and memory, stir your spirit, and warm your heart.

Fiction, December 2009, 265 pages soft-cover, $14.00 ISBN 978-0-9883321-0-2

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Fingerprints of God — Taking A Closer Look

Life and meaning surrounds us, though we can often lose sight of it. Thankfully, there are those things that come along every once in a while to open our eyes. Fingerprints of God seeks to do this by taking a closer look at elements of creation that have wooed us since childhood–fire, rivers, wild winds, storms and rainbows, and lights in the sky, and looking into the Bible to reveal the spiritual parallels and principles that each carry in our everyday lives. Life is deep and wide. Come and see.

Non-fiction, December 2010, 85 pages soft-cover, $6.00 ISBN 978-0-9883321-1-9

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What Others are Saying About Brett’s Books

What Others are Saying


Ride With Me

“Love stories such as this are too rare – heartfelt, tender, real and full of honest emotions of many kinds.”
—Grady Harp, Hall of Fame Amazon Reviewer

“I really enjoyed reading this book, and it reminded me a lot of my grandparents. I think that that type of love is rare and inspirational. Ruth and Earl built a relationship based on friendship, respect, and unconditional love, and their relationship remained steadfast through the years and challenges… One of my patients was talking about death one time, and talked about leaving her husband behind. She said that as long as her husband was alive, a part of her heart would remain on earth with him. This is the type of connection that I saw in Ruth and Earl.”
—Kelli, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Indianapolis, IN

“The author has a rare gift for accurately conveying both emotions and physical details surrounding important events and the impact of life events, whether positive or negative. The author realistically describes the pleasures, joys, sorrows, and challenges which two people who are in love faced as they built a life together based on religious values and solid principles… The author succeeded in writing a unique book which takes the reader back in time to an era which seemed simpler, more gentle and kinder, although it was fraught with danger and uncontrollable events which produced life-altering changes on both of them. This book is most highly recommended.”
—Erika Borsos, Vine Voice

Rearview Sunset

Rearview Sunset, a novel by Wisconsin author Brett Champan, is a retrospective look at the life of Beau Jamison. It can also initiate a retrospective look at the reader’s life. Beautifully written…I expect we will see more from this Wisconsin author. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and predict it will be a winner.”
—Joyce Laabs, The Lakeland Times, Minocqua, WI, full article

“I really enjoyed reading Rearview Sunset. It has a great blend of emotions – it will make you laugh, cry, smile, and reflect on your own life and the path you took to get where you are today. Champan blends personal experience with fiction and the result is an inspirational and relatable book.”
—Amanda Veldboom, Freelance Writer for Peninsula Pulse, Door County, WI, full article

“Mr. Champan’s work is refreshing in an age of violence and difficult times, uplifting in both style and substance. Set in Wisconsin’s north, both the physical and spiritual landscape are engaging and compelling. If you like Mitch Albom’s work, the novel The Shack by William Paul Young, or the works of Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook, Message in a Bottle), you will enjoy this book.”
—Carol Lee, PhD, Professor Emerita, Wisconsin Public Library Director

Fingerprints of God

“While many words have been written to describe The Word, Brett Champan in his new book, Fingerprints of God, takes us on a splendid tour of nature’s beauties and dangers in order to illustrate deep life principles that concern us all. Brett limns out personal scenes and vignettes from his faith journey and work experiences and combines them with a rich spiritual backdrop. Stepping vicariously into the author’s treks and journeys along striking, pristine hiking and horseback-riding trails, the reader discovers rippling brooks, warming campfires and distant, stirring winds used as nature metaphors to illuminate a greater purpose and calling to the Creator.”
—Adam Spurgeon Zens, Public Librarian, Wisconsin

“Fingerprints of God – Taking a Closer Look is the perfect title for Brett Champan’s book. I read the book last night, and when I woke up this morning, I immediately opened my drapes to watch the swans on our lake. I want to see the sunset tonight. I will enjoy a thunderstorm from a different perspective from now on, and not fear the sounds. The author writes from his heart and shares personal accounts of working with youth and travels in the wilderness. It is so helpful to read a book that weaves in the biblical reference to wind, water and fire with actual events we all experience in our day to day walk on this earth. I will truly look at things differently.”
—Brenda Jewell-Swartz, Connecticut



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